Basic Ambulance

Basic Ambulance

LifeJet Basic Ambulance provides a network of Ambulances in the city of Mumbai. In case of an ambulance requirement, any Mumbai resident may dial +91 9320177177for accessing an Ambulance within the shortest possible time. LifeJet Ambulances are located in strategic locations. After recieving the call in the shortest possible time, the nearest free ambulance will reach at your place to rescue the patient / victim .

Basic Ambulance contains

I) Oxygen

II) Bed to Bed Trolley.

These ambulances are best suited for Non-emergency patient transport. Transport to local hospital for Radiology and Radiation appointment. Hospital discharges Visit to physiotherapy and Dialysis appointment.

The Ambulance has mild sound proofing and silicon sealing in joints. It also has on board a collapsible trolley stretcher and a stair chair. The Ambulance crew usually consists of a driver and a helper. For non-medical emergencies, Basic ambulances are available for tranferring the patients all over India.

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