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About Life Jet Air Ambulance

LifeJet Ambulance is based in Mumbai and has branches in Nashik, Pune and Goa. For Booking an Ambulance anywhere from these places, easy to remember emergency access number - +91 9870001118, is available. We Provide Basic ambulance, Air ambulance, Cardiac Ambulance, Medical Assistance at residence, Standby ambulance and Medical services.

LifeJet has 7 Cardiac Ambulance and 4 Basic Ambulances of it's own placed at strategic locations to reach you at the earliest possible time. We have tie-up with many other Ambulance services placed in Mumbai, and thus we can provide the ambulance service at any place in Mumbai within a few minutes. We have a huge data bank of aircraft providers which include state of art jet, turboprops and helicopters. Due to our good relationship with the aviation authorities permissions can be obtained in hours and even on holidays. We have reciprocating doctors in all towns in India where there is a need for our clients.Our second Alarm cell is operational in Goa and that will be followed by Mumbai.

Our organization has a rich heritage of providing prompt, professional service. Regular non-emergency van transportation is still available through Care Transport. Our friendly office staff is still available to schedule your trip today, offering next-day service and prompt, friendly care.

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